"The weak lose themselves in God; the strong discover Him in themselves." ~ Allama Iqbal

Thursday, April 4, 2013

5 Principles of Spiritual Democracy

Go here for a brief yet incisive post from Khurram Ali Shafique (award-winning Iqbal scholar, historian,
screenwriter and educationist) detailing five statements which, according to him, constitute the basic principles of spiritual democracy.

He asks, when examining the statements, if they challenge our existing views in any manner.

If they do challenge our existing views, what shall we do?

What do we typically do when potentially new understandings challenge our existing views?

Please go and read the post now. 

Named must your fear be before banish it you can.
~ Yoda


  1. Spiritual Democracy can just initiate existence if ladies get solid once more. We are constantly called to completely venture forward, grasp the endowment of our imaginative ladylike power and offer voice to our widespread attentiveness toward the fate of our youngsters and the earth. Just by praising our uniqueness as ladies would we be able to come into genuine and adjusted organization with men in choices influencing each level of human life. The part of ladies is essential in the creation and protection of a genuine democracy.Thank you.
    How to Know Thyself

    1. Dear Rachael,

      Thank you for this response.

      In my thinking, women are absolutely central to the well-being and healing of this world and all her inhabitants.

      All good wishes,