"The weak lose themselves in God; the strong discover Him in themselves." ~ Allama Iqbal

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Iqbal's Message ~ Belief in the Unseen

There is a need to unlock the wisdom of Allama Iqbal.  It will not simply unfold in front of you when studied through current models of understanding (e.g., literature, history, religion, poetry).  Indeed, forcing Iqbal's wisdom to conform to these models can eviscerate it, leaving hidden the potential of his vital message to humanity.

Many people outwardly profess belief in the possibility of a Marghdeen world to manifest. But I sense that there is nonetheless a present but unspoken incredulousness that is a point beyond which many modern people just refuse to go. It's as if pessimism has become so widespread that it's infected people to the point of blindness. And this active, though disguised, distrust is, essentially, flipping the order from "Thy Will be done" to "My will be done." There is then, at least as I'm thinking of it now, an active, though subtly quiet doubt, that refuses to really, truly believe in the literal real-ness of the Divine. And of course, to harbor doubts along these lines is also to harbor doubts as to just what level of beauty and integrity is able to come through (all) human beings. The doubting of the Divine involves a simultaneous doubting of the sanctity of human beings.

This kind of pseudo-connection to God (i.e., doubting the literal real-ness of the Divine) is a constricted connection, and essentially puts a human-driven limit on the Divine. I sense it is *the* obstacle in need of being overcome. It is like trusting the Divine only so far, and reaching a point beyond which faith is not allowed to go. The trust is, really, counterfeit all along.  This is essentially just another face of, and being one and the same with, being captive to an inner idol, this idol being that which denies the truly-existing reality of The Unseen at the root and crown of humanity. A lack of sincere belief in the Unseen is a crippling disease for humanity. 

There is a great deal of so-called belief in "human potential."  In my opinion, however, a lot (not all) of this is relegated to the understandings of western psychology which still today are extremely limited in their acknowledgement and understanding of states of awareness outside of consensually agreed-upon states.  The fact that subtle states of consciousness are most often pathologized by most of modern psychology is indicative of its (i.e., psychology) adolescent understanding of subtle states of awareness and an Unseen Root to humanity.   

As long as the model that Iqbal offers the world is forced to adhere to pre-existing models of understanding, the r-e-a-l vitality of the keys he shares will remained veiled from humanity.  Until the younger understandings take a seat at the foot of Allama Iqbal - who offers an older, perennial wisdom based entirely in a Quranic understanding - what he offers will remain hidden.

A choice must be made.  One is attractive and addictive.  One leads to another land, a land called Marghdeen.